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Update to 2024 Season Training Times Starts Monday 19th Feb 24 & New Uniform Shop Now Open!

Updated: Feb 15

2024 Registration Closes 20th Feb

NetSetGO 6-10 years old

U11's to Seniors

2024 NTNC Academy Registration

Join us for Pre-Season training, training times and location now confirmed for the season.

@ Canoon Road Netball Courts - Courts No 24, 25 & 26

NetSetGO 6-9 years - 5-6pm - Court 24

NetSetGO NTNC Academy - 6-6.30pm Court 24

Juniors 10-12 years 5-6pm Court 25 & 26 

Juniors NTNC Academy 6-6.30pm Court 24

Inters and Cadets 6-7pm Court 25 & 26

Inters and Cadets NTNC Academy 7-7.30pm Court 24

Seniors Court Available 7-8pm

New 2024 Uniforms now available!

Oder direct from our new uniform shop for direct delivery. Delivery time is approx 4 weeks, so order now to receive in time for the start of Winter Seasons. This uniform does not replace our older style uniforms, players are only required to purchase new uniforms if they do not already have one. Order here

NTNC Body Fuel Snack Stand

Starting this season, we'll have the NTNC Snack and Nutrition Stand at our Monday night training sessions. This stand will provide carefully selected snacks and drinks designed to refuel your body, keep you at your best during training and enjoy the occasional sweet treat!

Fundraising for a Cause

But that's not all. Our Snack and Nutrition Stand serves a dual purpose. It's also part of our annual fundraising efforts. While we're committed to providing essential snacks and drinks to our members, we kindly ask for your support.

We invite each member to bring a plate of snacks at least once during the season. These snacks will not only add variety to our stand but also contribute to our fundraising initiatives. The funds we raise will be reinvested in our club to support player development, coaching, and other essential programs.

How You Can Help

Here's how you can get involved:

  1. Enjoy the Body Fuel: Make the most of our Snack and Nutrition Stand during training. Fuel your body with the right snacks and drinks to perform your best.

  2. Bring a Plate: Be part of our fundraising efforts by bringing a plate of snacks to training at least once during the season. It's a small gesture that can make a big impact.

Spread the Word: Encourage your fellow members to support our initiative. The more, the merrier, and the greater our impact.

Get Involved Now!

The 2024 netball season is just around the corner, and we can't wait to get started. To make the most of the NTNC Volunteer Reward Program, we encourage you to register as a volunteer, whether you're a coach, manager, or tuckshop superstar, as soon as possible. The more you volunteer, the more tickets you earn, and the more unforgettable Swifts games you get to enjoy.

Thank you for being the backbone of NTNC. We look forward to celebrating your dedication throughout the 2024 season and beyond. Together, we'll make this season the best one yet!


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