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Sydney Swifts Volunteer Tickets - Register and Reserve Yours Now!!

Updated: Apr 7

The time has come for our first volunteering day of the season at the Canoon Road Canteen, Grounds and Control Room. We're excited to kick off the season with your support and dedication!

We kindly request all club members to check the allocated day for volunteering and sign up for available spots on the roster.

Email to reserve your volunteer slot and Sydney swifts tickets today!

Email to reserve your volunteer slot and Sydney swifts tickets today!

Your contribution is crucial to ensure the smooth operation of our club activities.

As a token of appreciation for your volunteering efforts, our Sydney Swifts Volunteer Tickets system. For every 2 hours of volunteering at the club, you'll earn one ticket to enjoy a Sydney Swifts game. It's our way of saying thank you for your commitment and support to our club!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to reserve your tickets and start volunteering today! Together, we can make this season a memorable one for everyone involved.

Sydney Swifts Volunteer Ticket Pass Collection and Return is each Monday Training Night form the Body Fuel Snack Stand. Please ensure you return the club ticket passes promptly!

What do you do when volunteering at the Canoon Control Room?


1.       Ensure that the timer laptop is open and running, the Time, Chimes program has the Saturday bell times loaded, and the PA is turned on.

2.       If not already done put the A3 sheets listing games and courts on the outside windows.

3.       Check to see if there are notices to be put out on score sheets.

4.       Put pens out to be borrowed by scorers.

5.       For each timeslot throughout the day:

·       Put score sheets on clipboards ready for handing out.

·     While games are being played prepare the next timeslot’s games.

·       Be on hand to hand out the scoresheets.

6.       When handing out score sheets mark off on the Sign-Off Sheet.

7.       Check with the Registrar for any forfeits that may have been received.

8.       When score sheets are brought back:

·       Check to see they have final scores listed.

·       Check that the score sheets have been signed by both team captains and both scorers.  (Note that if the umpires haven’t signed that information can be supplied by Umpiring committee.)

·       Check that if players have been borrowed all information is on the score sheet (reason why, grade new player normally plays in).

·       Mark off the returned scoresheet on the Sign-Off Sheet

·       Collate all scoresheets for the timeslot in court order.

·       Scan the scoresheets to the Registrar if required.  If there is someone in the complex acting as registrar, then give the score sheets to him/her.

9.       Hand out spare bibs if needed.

·       Record who takes the bibs and mark them off when returned.

10.   Be on hand to answer questions and deal with other requests:

·       Requests for nail clippers.

·       Requests for band-aids etc.

·       When asked for ice direct the person to the Physio shelter.

·       Direct umpiring questions to the umpire’s corner near court 4.

·       If you are asked questions that you cannot answer, direct the person to the correct area (there will be phone numbers available for various sections, ie Grading, Registration, Reps.)

11.   Be on hand to make PA announcements as needed, for example:

·       Broadcast car rego numbers ie for illegal parking, lights left on, blocking someone in, etc.

·       Call for officials to come to the complex if needed for any reason.

12.   Handle the sale of items from the grounds window:

·       Strapping tape.

·       Under tape.

·       Ankle braces.

·       etc

13.   Check on the ladies toilets throughout the day to top up hand towels and toilet paper.

14.   Ensure the ice machine is turned on at the start of the day, and then monitor the ice machine throughout the day:

·       Empty ice into bags.

·       Add water as needed.

15.   Keep an eye on supplies in the complex and request that more be bought as needed:

·       Strapping tape

·       Under tape

·       Ankle braces

·       Pens (for lending to scorers)

·       Sticky tape, blu tac, etc.

·       Band-aids and other first-aid supplies.

·       Plastic bags for ice.

16.   Take in Lost property as it arrives. If it is for a particular club arrange for a member of that club to pick it up from you. Put other lost property in the lost property bin (which you will find in middle room)

17.   When requested advise the arrival of an ambulance (hopefully seldom).

18.   Last timeslot:

·       Hand out 2 stop watches with each A1 score board.

·       After the last bell, use the PA to remind teams to bring in post pads.

19.   At the end of the day:

·       Close the timer laptop and turn the PA off.

·       Turn off the ice machine.

·       Close and lock the windows.

·       Assist with tidying up the area.



1.       Answer all questions during the day.

2.       Entering the results from scoresheets as they come in. A new email address will be created, with the password changed each week.

3.       Walk around to check that any new uniform changes are being strictly enforced. Gently warn players during Day 1 and if the incorrect clothing is still being worn after Day 1 then gently remind them that they can’t take the court with incorrect uniform on.

4.       Checking signature sheets are filled in, signed and all correct. This is usually all complete by Day 5

5.       Check that WWCC are all up to date. This is usually all complete by Day 5.

6.       Any other duties as assigned by the KNA Executive.


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