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NTNC Grading Day for 10-14 years @ Barker College Junior School Enter via Clarke Road Gate

Updated: Feb 8

Please ensure all players are registered as soon as possible to be included in the grading day sheets!

NetSetGO 6-10 years old

U11's to Seniors

Sunday 11th Feb Grading Times

9.45am 10's & 11's warm up

10.00am 10's & 11's grading session

11.00am 12's warm up

11.15am 12's grading session

12.00pm Inters warm up

12.15pm Inters grading session

For information on 9 years grading please visit

North Turramurra Netball Club Grading Policy

Grading and selection process

There are several selection criteria that the grading committee uses to determine a player’s team placement and a team’s grade placement for the year. Listed below are the levels used in this process.

Pre-Season Grading Day

  • Pre-season trials are held after registration day for all players in the age groups that are graded, ie: 9 years through to Cadets. It’s a compulsory event and players must attend the age group they should be graded into. The grading committee assesses a player’s ability against other players of their own age group. Games are of a 10 minute duration and each player will take the court at least twice in positions based on coaches’ reports and or at the grading committee’s discretion.

Coach’s Report

  • At the end of the season, all coaches are requested to submit their assessments of each player in their team. A form is given to each coach by the Grading Convenor or Coaching Co-ordinator which contains valuable and key details to be completed and used for assessment and selection by the grading committee for the following year.

Informal season grading reviews

During the season, the grading committee carries out ad-hoc reviews on players’

abilities during season games. Assessments are noted and contain valuable feedback on how the player is progressing and developing throughout the season.

Round Robin for 9 year olds

Before the beginning of the season and after NT has selected players into teams,

KNA conducts a round robin for 9 year olds to determine which grade each team will start the season in. The grading committee uses this day to confirm and assess confirmation of team placement.

End-of-Season Grading Day

End-of-season trials are held after the last day of play (before the finals) for the following age groups; Net Set Go 8, 9, 10 and 11 years. It’s a compulsory event and registered players for the current season must attend. The grading committee uses this event to reassess a player’s achievements and developments over the season. Games are of a 10 minute duration and each player will take the court at least twice in positions they are most familiar with and capable of  playing throughout the season or at the discretion of the grading committee.

Grading Recommendations to KNA

Once teams have been selected by the grading committee, a report is submitted to

KNA together with the players names in each team (via NT Registrar). The

recommendations focus on which grade each team should be placed into for the start of the season based on the grading committee’s assessment of the development level of each team. The end result of team grade will be dependant on KNA assessments.

Re-grading of team

After Day 5, KNA reviews all teams for possible re-grading based on a team’s performance thus far. NT grading committee follows the same guidelines as KNA when considering submitting any team for re-grade. The team must; have won all their games and have a goal average greater than 300 to be considered to move up a grade; or lost all their games and have a goal average less than 30 to move down a grade. The grading convenor will approach the coach of any team that the committee feels may be considered for a re-grade to then seek permission and gather information to present an assessment to the KNA grading committee on their team. The end result of a re-grade will be dependant on KNA assessments.

Age Groups Strictly Graded

9 Years

10 Years

11 Years

12 Years

Intermediates (13 and 14 years)

Cadets (15, 16 and 17 Years)

Open teams

 Must register as a complete team (minimum 7 players, maximum 12 players)

Net Set Go

Players  6 – 8 years are not graded. Please refer to the Net Set Go section of the NT website for more details.

Grading guidelines

Confidentiality of grading information

The grading committee does not release to any NT committee member, parent, or

player any information that is contained in any documents that a NT volunteer has generated that may be considered sensitive information. Included in this list are grading reports and coaches reports. The information generated by the grading

committee needs to be open and honest assessments of players. If this information

was easily accessible then this may discredit our grading process.

Procedure for disputes

Any parent wishing to question the grading of their daughter should email only the grading convenor with their concerns to  Email is the only form of communication that  grading disputes will be addressed by. If the issue needs the grading committee’s approval, then the query can be dealt with more quickly and easily with a swift result for the player and parent concerned.

Measures used to assess a player’s ability


  • Catching

  • Attacking

  • Defending

  • Goal Shooting

  • Positional play

  • Team play

  • Each age group has a set of criteria and level that is used to determine a players

ability based on the above measures.

Players are graded into age groups as at 31 December

All players are strictly graded into their appropriate age groups as specified in the

KNA by-laws. Any exceptions are at the discretion of the grading committee and are subject to necessary circumstances and KNA approval.

Number of players in a team

For graded teams, NT endeavours to have a minimum of 7 players and a maximum of 10 players in any one team. Players in a team are dependant upon numbers in each age group.

Grading eligibility to play netball for NT

To be considered to play in a graded team at NT, the following conditions must be

met by the player:

􀂃 be prepared to play 100% of games.

􀂃 be prepared to participate in at least 75% of training sessions.

􀂃 Attend player’s team training session they are selected for.

If any player is not able to meet these conditions, approval must be sought from the grading convenor, in concurrence with the coaching co-ordinator and coach of the team(s) concerned.


Announcement of teams

Once the grading committee has chosen players for each of the NT teams, the announcement of the teams will be displayed on our NT website at

Any player wishing to deregister after the announcement of teams will be subject to registration refunding conditions at the discretion of the NT Committee. Any deregistration must be in writing, addressed to the NT Registrar at

No refund will be given to a player if they deregister based on dissatisfaction with

team placement.

If a player de registers leaving a team with only 6 players, the grading committee will assess all players from the team below (if there is a team) and provided that team will not be left short, will look and approve a player to move up. The Grading Convenor and Registrar will also advertise via school newsletters/Facebook and  KNA for more players in the appropriate age group.

Approval of late registrations

Late registrations will only be accepted if there is a vacancy in an appropriate team and at the discretion of the grading convenor.

If teams have already been established, approval is at the discretion of the grading committee and the coach of the team selected for the late registering player to play in.


Swapping clubs

The NT grading committee will not approve any player who wishes to swap to or from NT once they have registered with a club for the season unless approval has been granted by KNA.

Extra players that we can not accommodate

NT grading committee will attempt to place every player who registers with the club before or on registration day.

Non Acceptance of Registration

All registrations are subject to approval by the NTNC Grading Committee.

Suggestions on grading improvements

This grading policy is a working document. It will constantly change with changes to KNA bylaws and with new volunteers. This is a guide for players and parents so that they can be better informed on the current grading process and the level of involvement and strategic thoughts that go into grading. All of the NT grading and selection process is subject to KNA approval and by-laws.


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