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Its time to register for 2024! Training starts Monday 5th Feb @ Canoon Road Courts 24 & 25.

Updated: Feb 21

2024 Registration Links

NetSetGO 6-10 years old

U11's to Seniors

2024 NTNC Academy Registration

The NTNC Academy is designed for players seeking additional one-on-one development time, with a focus on fitness and training progress tracking. Each week, an extra half-hour is dedicated to individual skill development.

Registration includes the following benefits:

NTNC Academy Training Shirt

Strive Development Pathways Manual

A one-on-one pre-season session to discuss player aspirations.

New Rules on Applications to Transfer Clubs

There are new rules for players wishing to transfer clubs in 2024 and beyond - KNA has advised any transfer applications will be reviewed and require KNA approval. Please discuss any transfer application with the club directly first and we will be able to provide the information required.

Key Dates for 2024

NTNC Winter Comp Registrations Open 12th Dec 23 - Close 20th Feb 24

NTNC Get Ready for 2024 Training Starts Monday 5th Feb 24

KNA Team Grading Round Robin 9yrs - Sun 10th Mar 24 - 9am - 1pm - Canoon Rd Courts

KNA Grading Announcement, all teams Tuesday 12th Mar 24

2024 Winter Comp Season Starts Saturday 6th April, NetSetGO, 10yrs to Seniors.

2024 Winter Comp Season Starts Thursday 11th April, 9 years.

NTNC's Snack and Nutrition Stand - Monday Training Nights

At North Turramurra Netball Club (NTNC), we're always looking for ways to enhance our training sessions, create a vibrant community, and ensure our players are performing at their best. That's why we're excited to introduce our new initiative: the NTNC Snack and Nutrition Stand, also known as "NTNC's Body Fuel."

What to Expect

Starting this season, we'll have the NTNC Snack and Nutrition Stand at our Monday night training sessions. This stand will provide carefully selected snacks and drinks designed to refuel your body, keep you at your best during training and enjoy the occasional sweet treat!

Fundraising for a Cause

But that's not all. Our Snack and Nutrition Stand serves a dual purpose. It's also part of our annual fundraising efforts. While we're committed to providing essential snacks and drinks to our members, we kindly ask for your support.

We invite each member to bring a plate of snacks at least once during the season. These snacks will not only add variety to our stand but also contribute to our fundraising initiatives. The funds we raise will be reinvested in our club to support player development, coaching, and other essential programs.

Introducing the NTNC Volunteer Reward Program

We believe that your efforts deserve recognition, and that's why we've created the NTNC Volunteer Reward Program for 2024. This program is designed to celebrate and reward our amazing volunteers who go the extra mile for our club.

How It Works

  • Volunteer Registration: To be eligible for our volunteer rewards, you must first register as a club volunteer. This ensures that we can keep track of your valuable contributions.

  • Earn Tickets to Sydney Swifts General Home Games: We're excited to offer our volunteers the chance to attend Sydney Swifts general home games as VIPs! For every 2 hours of volunteering, you'll earn two tickets to a Swifts game. If you dedicate 4 hours or more, you'll receive four tickets. These gold standard tickets are your passport to an unforgettable netball experience.

  • Special Recognition for Coaches and Managers: Our coaches and managers play a pivotal role in our club's success. As a token of our appreciation, each coach and manager will receive four tickets to one Sydney Swifts general home game during the year.

  • Doubling Up: Are you a coach or manager who also lends a hand at the tuckshop for 2 hours? You'll not only receive your initial four tickets but also earn an extra two tickets, totaling six tickets for a fantastic Swifts game day experience!

Registration is free, please register today!

Under the NSW Child Protection Framework all club volunteers are required to upload their Working with Children Check. Please email to - if you do not have a valid Working with Childrens Check please apply here

2024 Season Structure: 

  • NSG: 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 year olds - mixed

  • 11's: 10 (*conditions apply for 10's) / 11 year olds - mixed

  • 12's: 11 (*conditions apply for 11's) / 12 year olds - mixed 

  • Inters: 13 / 14  year olds to remain unchanged from 2023 - all female

  • Cadets: 15 / 16 / 17 year olds to remain unchanged from 2023 - all female

  • Seniors:. 16 (*conditions apply for 16's) / 99 year olds - all female

  • *conditions: Players who are 1 year below their age grade by 31 December in the year of play are eligible to play up subject to recommendation by the relevant Club grading committee. ie: if you are 10 years by 31 Dec 2024 and wish to play in the 11's. You must seek your club grading committee's approval.


  • Inters: 

There will be a  shortened mixed competition on a Saturday afternoon, during Term 3 to introduce boys to Saturday netball


  • Cadets: 

  • 15's cannot play seniors

  • 16's must play in cadets. 16's can play seniors, but only as a second game. 16's may also play for a different club in seniors however, they must firstly be registered and playing in a Cadet team

  • 17's have the choice of playing Cadets or Seniors

  • 18's have the ability to play Cadets, subject to approval from grading. The intent is if an 18yo has played in a team of younger players in previous years, this will not excluded them from playing cadets, however this will be limited to a maximum 3 players per team

  • The SGM voted for a 15 / 16 and a 17 / 18 competition. However, due to anticipated numbers, they have reverted back to the Cadet competition that was in place for 2023 with the above guidelines.


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