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2024 NTNC Club Committee Positions Vacant - Volunteers Needed, Register Your Interest Today!

Are you passionate about netball and dedicated to driving positive change? Here's your chance to make a real impact! NTNC is excited to announce that positions are now open for the 2024 Club Committee.

As a committee member, you'll have the opportunity to shape the future of our club, contribute your ideas, and work closely with a dynamic team that's committed to enhancing the netball experience for all. Whether you're enthusiastic about event coordination, finance management, communications, or player development, we have a role that aligns with your strengths and interests.

Please see available list of positions.

Executive Committee Position - Club Secretary

The duties of the Secretary of NTNC are;

(i) Keep a complete record of the Minutes of all club meetings

(ii) Keep a list of contact details for the EC and OBs of the club

(iii) Keep a list of KNA EC and OBs

(iv) Be informed of all correspondence, keep a record of same, and distribute as required

(v) Prepare agendas for all meetings

(vi) Bring to the attention of the President and Executive any correspondence deemed to be of special interest to the club

(vii) Highlight any correspondence to be brought up at an Executive, KNA or any other meeting held during the year

(viii) Forward on any information deemed relevant to the Public Relations Manager and/or Marketing Manager, and forward information re sponsorship or availability of grants to the Executive

(ix) Send out notification of meetings (including times and venues) Delegates, Executive, Office Bearers and other interested parties \

(x) Call for nominations for positions vacant when required; ensure there is adequate notice to enable clubs to seek nominations.

(xi) With respect to the AGM, in conjunction with the President ensure that all notices of motion, proposed changes to the Constitution or By- Laws, End of Year reports, nominations for elections and financial statements are sent out to club members

(xii) Book venue for AGM and all KNA Council meetings if required

(xiii) Notify KNA of minutes of AGM

(xiv) Keep in close liaison with the KNA Secretary

(xv) Distribute relevant updates via What’s App for Business Chat Groups

2. Executive Committee Position - Club Treasurer

The duties of the Treasurer of NTNC are;

(i) Be responsible for ensuring that the Associations financial position and financial integrity is always maintained

(ii) Be responsible for the recording and controlling all funds that may be held and established by the club

(iii) Be responsible for the handling of all cash monies of the club

(iv) Ensure that all invoices are promptly sent, and receipts are issued for all monies received within one month

(v) Ensure that all payments have been properly rised by the responsible officials and paid in accordance with the approved terms.

(vi) Submit a summary financial statement to the EC prior to each meeting for distribution OBs

(vii) Prepare financial statements that have been duly audited for presentation at the AGM, or the first EC meeting after said audit

(viii) Be a signatory on the club bank account along with the President and Vice President

(ix) Negotiate the terms of any paid positions on the EC

(x) Keep in close liaison with the KNA Treasurer as required

3. Equipment Coordinator

The duties of the Equipment Coordinator of NTNC are;

(i) Keep a log of all NTNC equipment including, but not limited to; balls, kit bags, sets of patches, first aid kits, cones and training dots, pumps

(ii) Obtain a list of teams and prepare the supply of the gear

(iii) Distribute equipment to each team at designated pick up times prior to the season starting

(iv) Collect equipment for each team at the end of each season

(v) Take a stock take of equipment at the end of each season

(vi) Request additional equipment as required by the stock take

4. Grounds coordinator

The duties of the Court Booking Officer of NTNC are;

(i) Keep a list of available netball courts in the Ku-ring-gai Council area for training of KNA club teams - Courts include Canoon Road, NTRA, Lofberg, North Turramurra, The Glade and Roseville. Currently St Ives court bookings are handled by St Ives Netball Club. Lights at Lofberg & Canoon are manually switched on and off using codes on a mobile phone.

(ii) Determine the booking requirements of the NTNC club for trainings and book them by the end of the prior season

(iii) Book training nights for any senior teams that want to train, or any teams that are unable to train at squad training

(iv) Book courts for grading day

(v) Liaise with KNA Court Bookings Coordinator

(vi) Receive invoices for club court bookings and light usage

(vii) Cross check all court and light bookings with the invoice to ensure the amounts charged are accurate (particularly during school holidays)

(viii) Report any issues with courts to KNA

Express your interest today and help us elevate our club to new heights in 2024!

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